High adventure in the shadows of Eberron!

Eberron is a world torn by the previous 100 years of war. The campaign will focus on the adventures that will arise in dealing with the aftermath of that war. The characters will be all associated with a dragonmarked house, one of the thirteen merchant powers who have consolidated political and financial power in Eberron. They have done so through the use of magical birthmarks known as dragonmarks. Characters need not have a dragonmark to be a part of a house. House agents are employed from all walks of life but those who are truly valued and who can rise to great positions of power are dragonmarked.

This game will use the 5th edition DnD rules with some modifications to the Backgrounds. If you wish to have a dragonmark at 1st level, you will need to take the Dragonmarked background which will give you a bonus Dragonmark feat. If you wish to develop a dragonmark beyond 1st level, you will just take the feat. The dragonmarked background does have some drawbacks built in to offset getting a dragonmark early. Humans of course could just take the dragonmark feat at first level and avoid these drawbacks. A list of the background and feats available for dragonmarks will be posted soon on the WIKI page.

Shadows of Eberron

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