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    Lorek ir'Tain knew someone was following him. He had that feeling ever since stepping off the lightning rail. Thronehold used to be the center of Khorvarian politics before the war, but now, its just another hive of scum and villainy. Sure the …

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    h2. High adventure in the shadows of Eberron! Eberron is a world torn by the previous 100 years of war. The campaign will focus on the adventures that will arise in dealing with the aftermath of that war. The characters will be all associated with a …

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    h5. Table of Contents h2. Dragonmarks [[Mark of Detection]] [[Mark of Finding]] [[Mark of Handling]] [[Mark of Healing]] [[Mark of Hospitality]] [[Mark of Making]] [[Mark of Passage]] [[Mark of Scribing]] [[Mark of Sentinel]] [[Mark of …

  • Mark of Detection

    House Medani Race: Half-elf. Fields house control: Inquisitives, counter-espionage, magical detection and theory.

  • Dragonmarked Noble

    This background reflects those who have strong ties with their respective Dragonmarked house. Nobles are those who have had the best education, the best training and all of the benefits of their house made available to them. You manifested your …

  • Dragonmarked Scion

    This background reflects those with a dragonmark who have manifested a dragonmark early but fell out of favor with their respective house. The house still has an interest in you, after all you are family, but perhaps you flunked out of the academy, or …

  • Mark of Finding

    House Tharashk Race: half-orc and human Fields of control: Bounty hunters, prospectors, inquisitives, monstrous mercenaries.

  • Mark of Handling

    House Vadalis Race: human House controls: animal husbandry, magical enhancement of animals(magebreeding) exotic mounts. Roleplaying tips: the most in tune with nature, Vadalis heirs are also rarely interested in politics, most house members are …

  • Mark of Hospitality

    House Ghallanda Race: Halfling Controls: Inns, restaurants, shelter, safe havens, magically creating food and water.

  • Mark of Making

    House Cannith Race: Human Controls: manufacturing, weapons design, magewrights, tinkerers, created the Warforged and many war machines during Last War.

  • Mark of Scribing

    House Sivis Race: Gnome Controls: Notarizing legal documents, legal services, language translation, document duplication, long distance communication through Speaking Stones.

  • Mark of Sentinel

    House Deneith Race: human Controls: mercenary work, bodyguard services, Runs the Sentinel Marshals, an international peacekeeping agency tasked with arresting and incarcerating war criminals.

  • Mark of Shadow

    House Phiarlan Race: Elf Controls: Entertainers guild, acting, entertainment services, espionage House Thuranni Race Elf Controls: Shadow network, information brokering, assasins

  • Mark of Storm

    House Lyrandar Race Half-elf Controls: weather manipulation, airship travel, elemental Galleons for seafaring cargo and travel.

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