Dragonmarked Scion

This background reflects those with a dragonmark who have manifested a dragonmark early but fell out of favor with their respective house. The house still has an interest in you, after all you are family, but perhaps you flunked out of the academy, or your passion really lies in being one with nature even though your Mark of Making means your house wanted you to be an Artificer. You still have family in the house but you aren’t on your way to political power anytime soon. This background is great for those who are the black sheep of the family.


Dragonmarked Feat at 1st level. This is in addition to the feat humans get at first level.

Scions stick together: As much as the houses would like everyone to think that there political power is invincible, there are many free spirits and mavericks who refuse to tow the company line. As a scion, you have contacts with many of these scions from your house and many other houses as well. Just as Favored in House lets you ask favors of a house, Scions can ask for favors of other scions. the currency isn’t as strong and it usually requires doing a favor back, but you have influence over a wider range of fields and dragonmarks.

“Legacy item”: You still came from a dragonmarked house, which means your family ar epart of the house, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, you still have a connection to the house. Thus, you have some dragonshard item that helps you with your powers, but its not exactly working perfectly anymore. Its old, passed down from previous generations or a little worn out from being used in the war. It may have a quirk or two, or simply be more powerful than new versions but it 4 times as big and not portable. Again confer with your DM around what the item could be and what some of its quirks might be.

Dragonmarked Scion

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